Stump Grinding

You either loved that tree on your property, or it was a hazard, and you knew it had to come down. Whether it’s due to tree diseasestorm damage, or other safety concerns, many homeowners face cutting down trees, and the stump that’s left behind is not only unattractive, it’s awkward to mow around. It even poses certain risks to kids or pets playing in the yard.

If you’re in this situation right now, that’s where stump grinding comes in.

Stump Grinding Explained

When you start looking into stump removal, you’ll have options to consider, including tree grinding. Doing an online search of “stump grinding service near me” or “tree stump grinding service near me” is one starting point. But let’s cut to the chase (pardon the pun!) and break it down for you here.

Grinding a stump involves using heavy machinery that shreds the stump into a pile of small wood chips. Stump grinding is different from stump removal, and we’ll explain that too.

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Pros of Stump Grinding

Tree Grinding is the least labor-intensive and most efficient method of solving any tree stump issues. If your tree got felled because of disease or pests, some of these problems remain in the stump, and any qualified tree stump grinding service will tell you that’s a risk to other trees and plants on your property.

Another pro of grinding a stump is getting a wood chip pile that becomes a beneficial mulch for your garden.

Cons of Stump Grinding

The only concern with tree grinding is the tree’s root remains buried underground, although roots generally decay naturally within a decade.

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How Is Stump Removal Different?

Searching online for a “stump grinder company near me” may lead you to websites that explain the difference between stump grinding and stump removal. Stump grinding companies and stump removal companies often offer both services, and they should be able to provide you with their professional opinion on what’s best for your property.

Stump removal is intrusive to your landscape and quite labor-intensive, and most stump removal companies warn this is not a DIY task. Effective stump removal involves digging up both the tree stump and the tangled root system underground.

So, the benefit of stump removal is clearing your landscape of a tree and root system if it was diseased, but it also leaves you with a huge hole that you’ll have to fill in.

Is Stump Grinding a DIY Project?

Grinding a stump yourself depends on many factors. Generally, the smaller the tree, the easier it will seem to handle the task on your own.

There are general-interest websites that describe the best stump grinders to use on a DIY stump grinding job. Again, depending on what size the tree stump is to be removed, the process can be time-consuming. If the tree stump is small enough, it’s a doable project, but it often takes more time and experience than expected.

If you have a canopy of trees on your property, another option is to buy a stump grinder. Let’s check out the differences between renting machinery for tree grinding or purchasing a stump grinder for use now and into the future.

Rental Costs of Tree Grinding

You’ll need to rent a stump grinder that generally costs a couple of hundred dollars factoring in gas to run the machinery. You’ll also need a vehicle with towing capability because stump grinders weigh about half a ton. And don’t be surprised if you find that you need additional tools—we’ll discuss that in a bit.

It’s essential to measure the tree stump’s diameter and tell the rental company its size. There could also be issues if the tree stump is too close to other trees, shrubs, or buildings. The equipment needed will depend on these factors. We get into this next.

Tree Grinding Equipment

There is a variety of stump grinders on the market, and if you’re looking to buy equipment for stump grinding, consider the following. If you’re renting, check this too because it’ll be useless to you to tow rental tree grinding equipment home if the equipment doesn’t get the job done.

  • Cutter Wheel is sometimes called the cutter disk. Make sure it’s made out of carbide and that the teeth on the disk have been sharpened. If the teeth on a cutter wheel get worn, it makes the job a lot tougher.
  • Horsepower is crucial because it makes the job faster and more efficient. Rent the highest horsepower that you can. If you’re buying, a higher horsepower is even more important because you’ll be using the equipment again and again.
  • Weight is an issue, especially if you’re looking to buy stump grinding equipment. A heavier weight is far less user-friendly, and although a lightweight design is easier to use, it probably won’t get more demanding jobs done right.
  • The size of stump grinders is an issue when the tree stump lays in a tight space on your property. In this case, make sure the tree grinder has a slim profile. If the tree stump is large or in an open area, large stump grinding equipment is best.
  • The depth of a tree stump grinder should reach at least 20 inches below grade. While tree stump grinders can’t remove the entire stump and roots, this equipment should be able to minimize visible tree bumps or hazards on your property.

The Benefits of Hiring a Tree Stump Grinding Service

Grinding a stump is generally much easier to accomplish with the right tools and special skills. Whether you deal with stump removal companies or stump grinding companies, they must be fully knowledgeable and fully stocked with the necessary tools and equipment for your job.

The right tools and equipment include:

  • A stump grinder, tractor, backhoe
  • Mattock, chainsaw
  • Shovels and axes

It’s not uncommon to realize that stump grinding or stump removal is a far more involved job than you thought it would be. A dedicated tree stump grinding service has the experience and know-how to get the job down right, and it can save you money.

A Professional Stump Grinder Sees Through It

If you’re grinding a stump that’s close to other trees or shrubs on your property, you might discover that the root systems between the trees got tangled underground. It becomes a tricky situation for a DIY project, another reason why a professional tree stump grinding service is best.

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A Professional Stump Grinder Saves Time

Stump grinding companies are more efficient, period. Sure, it’s great to accomplish a project. Still, if you find out you need more tools or heavy equipment, or the tree stump is diseased and could be detrimental to other trees or plants on your property, the situation drags out, or you encounter safety concerns having to do the job yourself. A pro will save you time and trouble.

A Professional Stump Grinder Takes Care of It All

Tree grinding professionals do the heavy lifting, but they also take the messy chore of site clean-up off your hands afterward.

There is no question about it. Stump grinding produces a lot of debris. Hopefully, some will be salvaged as garden mulch, but a pro is the best person to determine what’s usable or waste material.

Finding the Right Tree Stump Grinding Service

Choosing a pro for stump grinding a tree on your property is a wise decision. Searching online for a stump grinder company nearby should give you plenty of choices. You may wonder who’s the best company for the job.

Look for Special Offers

A stump grinding service near you will often offer seasonal discounts or other offers for landscape maintenance or tree services. It can pay to have one reputable company do a few projects you need doing on your property.

No Hidden Fees

The best tree grinding service near you should provide a quote with no surprises. From equipment to person-hours and clean-up, an honest and upfront quote guarantees a quality job and your peace of mind.

Flat Hourly Rate

here’s no harm in calling around to stump grinding services near you and inquiring about a flat rate. Many stump grinding companies will work out a more affordable flat rate for you if you have a larger property.

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